Letra Entra En Mi Vida (ingles) de Sin Bandera

Good night, a lot of pleasure
you were a girl but
after five minutes
already eras somebody special
without speaking to me, without playing me
something inside of he/she lit
in your eyes it was made late
and I forgot the clock
These days to your side
they taught me that truly
there is not certain time
to begin to love
I sit down something so deep
that he/she doesn't have explanation
there are not reason neither logic in my heart
he/she enters in my life
I open you the door
you that there will no longer be deserted nights in your arms
he/she enters in my life
I request it to you
you comenzé to miss
but empezé to need you then
Good night, a lot of pleasure
nobody no longer exists more
after this time together
I cannot return behind
you spoke to me, you played me
and you became my illusion
I want you to be owner of my heart
He/she enters in my hours
survive now
he/she opens your arms
and allow me to enter

Ultimas Letras 2014


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