Letra Falling Fast de Avril Lavigne

I woke up and saw the sun today, You came by without a warning

You put a smile on my face, I want that for every morning

What is it I’m feeling? ‘Cause I can’t let it go

If seeing is believing, Then I already know

I’m fallin’ fast, I hope this lasts, I’m fallin’ hard for you

I say lets take a chance, Take it while we can, I know you feel it too

I’m fallin’ fast (yeah)

Doesn’t matter what we do, You make everything seem brighter

And never knew I needed you, Like a sad song is the sea of lighters

What is it im feeling? Cause I cant let go

And seeing is believing, I already know

Im falling fast god, I hope this last cause

Im falling hard for you.

I say lets take a chance

Take it while we can, Cause I know you feel it too

Im falling fast

I hope you know I hope you last, Im falling hard Im falling fast

We can go, no holding back (for you)

Ultimas Letras 2014


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