Letra May Day (en Ingles) de Miguel Bosé

May Day
a hold me
May Day
I am no longer who
can ask loudly
not just from now

I'm not going to
beg forgiveness
you no longer
and whom you are not
would be entitled
anything from now

May Day
Your hold me
your skin and
stopped being who
come to me for anything
you can break me now

How long have
how much damage does
how many nights ago
I have not cried
makes many bodies
I feel loved
how long ago I lost
and you have forgotten

Combien ça ta fair chair?

The truly exceptional in it [is that
despite his dissolute life
Having followed moments [that
still seemed to be
one flesh almost untouched

More or less Constantine Cavafy ... 1901 days

May Day
you better
May Day
ask your desires
they burn so it still hurts

May Day
look look at me
May Day
and hugging
beat feel calm
brightness that give my eyes

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