Letra Mi Gordita de Calle 13

[Calle 13] (chorus x 3)

This is gonna make you hot, what?

Make you hot, what?

Make you hot

i don't want a petite neither a millionair,
instead one like you with that vocab
with you i lose even my good manners
even though we end up like 2 animals

move, move like an invertebrate
i'm the hunter and you are my deer

[Calle 13]
yes babe i'm like Bambi, you're little deer
Come on, shut up, and lie on your side"


[Shakira chorus]
that... what you tell me...
are cute sensitive words, full of love for me

[Calle 13]
you are my little fatty

listen listen

absolut perversion in the area,
perverse like having sex in a mortuary
i'm the boss and i'm the secretary
let me take out your dirty side

shaki you're pretty
even though i used to like you when you were fatter
with black hair and a circled face
and half-rocker

I like you too now but when you lose the manners
when you eat without cutlery ([Shaki] like animals)

When your dirty side comes up, the obscene

Everything that tastes good, ([Shaki] all the posion)

If i'm a criminal, you're a deliquent
let’s jump both from the same bridge
without parachute, from our world, flying
like the hippies when they are smoking

[Shakira chorus]

[Calle 13 chorus]


Stop looking me like a deliquant
i'm the red hood and you're the wolf that lies
invite me to go to the wild side
where i don't have to wear makeup

i cant tell you everything, eveyrhitng that I’m thinking
i'm worse than you and if you search for me i will find you

(the following is not really well translated, it uses many slang from
LA which hasn’t has a translationship, and it doesn’t have many
sense even in spanish, it’s done just for rhyming)
[Calle 13] delicious cutie girl that bites me when girl inchs
[Shakira] cutie boy give me a delicious bite in the snout

[Shaki/Calle13] And lil by lil, (lil), I touch you a lil, lil

Tarara, tarara, tarara (<- just sounds)

[Calle 13 chorus] x 3

[Shakira chorus]

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