Letra Mi Rap Te Excita (en Inglés) de Porta

am presenting the slide and this is called insienso
really think and think and think every time
and everything is so fucking esque that is to finish my
the game is long as is Camino de Santiago
I shit in the middle world, and I clean the other half
Right to do rap is far less a matter of age?
others screw you and you are always the same excuse
soma puts me up and brings forth the basis that the use
and abuses of this cucumber
this MC is the one who came
and never to lean against the superior power
truth I'm a brat
but I do not care esque all
proud of who I am
I am proud that another
and not to copy the style typical of his idol
Mongolian and licks to get guys for Lp
the pacifier holder and put a granite for a world worse
I know my rap and also puts you that plagiarism is tempting
but boy do not recommend it because it will go wrong
I registered in the streets in intellectual property
copyright and I am suspicious esque
but aga if you want more than one occasion given me an
I put the music and the little insienso
to think about rap and intense aroma of disconnected from my room
if I am not available via IM me cabron abasañes
spreading the word that gives my own ego
because few things are as I soar into the sky
you hear me rapping I
but I see a lot of envy
There are still some in my neighborhood that I hate fists
being on the radio
and as for being better than them
esque truth I care about all those egg
that give them flight
and I feel sorry tansolo
see them as backward chulito
and calluses on esena
step right up this high quality model
level of productions and rock that makes rap
the secret is in the estate and the structuring
algot porqueme going to sound just is respecting that respects
and peta is that this destroys your computer
I repeat
destroys your team and your stereotypes
success with your girlfriend rap
can not do anything
because every time you think of my soak her panties

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