Letra Sippin' On Sunshine de Avril Lavigne

Boy, you get me so high, Buzzin like a bee beehive

It’s just a little kiss But when It hits my lips

I’m sippin’ on sunshine

Boy you’re looking so fly, Hotter than July

I just wanna stay Forever and today

Sippin’ on sunshine

Down at the beach, you holding my hand

Got an umbrella stuck in the sand

Watching the waves crash into the shore

Baby, I want some more

Hey, What a beautiful day

All I need is a taste

Nothin’ but a good time, Sippin’ on sunshine

No, don’t got nowhere to go

So we’ll go with the flow

Yeah, we’re living the life, Sippin’ on sunshine

Sippin’ on sunshine

Boy, you’re blowing my mind, You got me up on cloud nine

Just a little taste. I wouldn’t wanna waste

A sip of that sunshine

We can kick it all night Underneath the moonlight

But when the party ends, We’ll do it all again

Sippin’ on sunshine

All day all night

Yeah, good time

Everybody just sippin’ on sunshine

Woah, Woah , Sippin’ on sunshine

Ultimas Letras 2014


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