Letra You Can Come To Me de Ross Lynch

When you´re on your own, Drowning alone
And you need a rope that can pull you in
Someone will throw it

And when your afraid that you´re goanna break
And you need a way to feel Strong again
Someone will know it

And even when it hurts the most, try to have a little hope
Cause someone´s goanna be there When you don´t
When you don´t

If you wanna cry I’ll be your shoulder
If you wanna laugh I´ll be your smile

If you wanna fly, I will be your sky
Anything you need That´s what I’ll be

If you wanna climb I´ll be your ladder
If you wanna run I´ll be your road

If you want a friend
Doesn´t matter when

Anything you need
That’s want I´ll be
You can come to me
You can come to me (yeah)

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